IADC WellCAP Workover - Supervisory Level


4 days

  • Bangpu, Thailand
  • Jakarta, Bandung and Balikpapan, Indonesia
  • Miri Malaysia
  • Vung Tau, Vietnam
  • In-House.
Designed For:

This course has been designed for Toolpusher, Superintendent, Drilling Foreman and others with a requirement to hold an IADC Wellsharp Certificate, Fundamental Level.


This course meets the requirements from IADC and the training is role-specific.

The 4-day course is only offered with Surface BOP Stack.

  • Reasons for Well-Completions and Well-Workover operations
  • Definitions and calculations
  • Kick fundamentals
  • Gas Characteristics and behavior
  • Completion and Workover fluids
  • Surface equipment
  • Subsurface equipment
  • Procedures
  • Well Control techniqes for killing a producing or flowing well prior to or during well completion or well workover operations
  • Well Control Techniques
  • Complications and Solutions
  • Organizing a Well Kill Operation
  • Testing
  • Government, Industry and Company Rules, orders and policies
  • Optional Topics

For more information, visit the IADC website www.iadc.org.

Course Delivery:

The course is delivered using presentations supported by animations and videos, workbook with exercises, and practical work on a drilling simulator.


Under the IADC Well CAP programme the examination is invigilated by the training center. The examination will be test papers.

Successful completion of the course and examination will result in IADC Well CAP-Supervisory certification which is valid for two years.

Link: Course Syllabus