IWCF Well Intervention Pressure Control, Level 4: Supervisor


5 days

  • Bangpu, Thailand
  • Jakarta, Bandung and Balikpapan, Indonesia
  • Miri Malaysia
  • Vung Tau, Vietnam
  • In-House.
Designed For:

This course has been designed for persons in critical positions during well intervention operations, at Supervisor Level.


This course meet the requirements of IWCF and includes following subjects:
Completion and Well Service Operations – Completion and Well Service Equipment, Coiled Tubing Operations, Hydraulic Workover (Snubbing) operations and Wireline Operations

Note that delegates must have attended certified well control training at level 3 or level 4 in the past to be eligible for this course.

Course Outline
  • Overview, Introduction to well control
  • Introduction to barriers, Risk management, Circulating system
  • Testing, Influx characteristics and behaviour, Shut-in procedures, Well control methods, Contingency planning
  • Blow Out Preventers, Completion equipment, Annulus pressure monitoring
  • Coiled Tubing Equipment, Rigging up, Testing, Barrier principles, Shut-in procedures
  • Pressure Control Equipment, Rigging-Up procedure, Testing, Barrier principles, Shut-in procedures, Critical Operating procedures
  • Pressure Control Equipment, Rigging-Up, Testing, Barrier principles, Contingency Procedures, Critical Operating Procedures

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Course Delivery:

The course is delivered using presentations supported by animations and videos, workbook with exercises.

IWCF Test:

The test is separated into two sections.

  • Completion and Well Service Operations
  • Completion and Well Service Equipment
Optional Modules:
  • Coiled Tubing Operations
  • Hydraulic Workover (Snubbing) operations
  • Wireline Operations

Successful completion of the course and examination will result in IWCF Level 4 certification which is valid for two years.

Link: Course Syllabus